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The Hotel Medulio, set within the outstanding landscape of Las Médulas, is situated at the entrance to the picturesque village of Las Médulas, belonging to the municipality of Carucedo.

At the Hotel Medulio visitors will find a friendly atmosphere in which they can rest, relax and enjoy the cuisine of Berciana as they contemplate the superb scenery.


There are 70 hotel beds available in rooms with full baths, telephone, TV, terrace and heating.

You can view exceptional scenery right from the terrace of your room as you enjoy full contact with nature.


In our restaurant you can enjoy the local cuisine of Bierzo, such as “botillo” and other local dishes and produce.

You will find a warm ambience in the cafeteria of the Hotel Medulio as your eyes feast on the breathtaking scenery from a privileged position.

The unique location of the Hotel Medulio allows you to continuously delight in the superb vistas of Las Médulas during the entire time of your stay.   

Enjoy of Las Médulas: World Patrimony

The Archaeological Zone of Las Médulas, located 20 kilometres from Ponferrada, is considered one of the finest examples of the imprint that History has left on the landscape.  Owing to this it was declared a “World Patrimony” by UNESCO on 4 December, 1997.  


Las Médulas are the remains of an alluvial gold bed. The total amount of channels sums up to 100 kilometres.